Hilda Lunderstedt



Lunderstedt Group
Roodepoort, South Africa
Industry: Business Services
Field: Business Strategy, Marketing and Branding

Hilda Lunderstedt has three years of experience as a director of Lunderstedt Group, an entrepreneurship that provides strategic management, branding and marketing. On a daily basis, she is responsible for setting and steering the vision and future of the group, reviewing business opportunities, networking and overseeing all operations of the company, including marketing, business strategy, branding and negotiation. In 2001, Ms Lunderstedt started NutriLida Healthcare, which was recognized as one of the most innovative and successful nutraceutical companies. She grew it into a nine-figure turnover business within a few years. NutriLida Healthcare was later sold to a major South African pharmaceutical company, which paved the way for Hilda’s expansion into the international arena as a serial entrepreneur.

Over the years, Ms. Lunderstedt has established herself as an expert in business strategy, innovation, marketing and branding of businesses, products and services. As shareholder in several entities, she plays a key role in guiding these companies with future planning and growth strategies, including marketing, business strategies, branding and negotiation.

Ms. Lunderstedt is also a children’s ambassador for Tekkie Tax Day, an annual fundraising campaign in South Africa, which raises millions in aid of welfare organizations across South Africa. Through her philanthropy, she hopes to bring positive change to the lives of the millions of underprivileged South African children. In years to come, Ms. Lunderstedt aims for continued growth in her career. She wants to make a positive impact on the world.

Marilyn A. Bennett, MA, MS, Ed.D.


Owner, Consultant
Next Step Global Consulting
Arcata, CA, USA
Industry: Business Services
Field: Educational Consulting

When looking up the word “diverse” in the dictionary, it’s easy to envision the name Marilyn A. Bennett front and center. With expertise in education, mediation, and community learning, Dr. Bennett has been going strong in her career for nearly four decades. During this time, she has traveled extensively to different places, and while her interaction with different cultures has undoubtedly made her a better educator, she believes that her experiences have also made her a better person. As the owner of Next Step Global Consulting, providing consulting services for recreation, disaster preparedness, life coaching, and organizational leadership for parents and children, Dr. Bennett wears a variety of hats. She draws upon her broad-based research and development skills as she works with county officers, teaches special education, organizes physical education programs for children, and oversees the development of manuals.

In her position of overseeing Next Step Global Consulting, Dr. Bennett feels the most satisfaction when she is working with students and helping to solve their problems. When embarking on the journey that has landed her where she is today, Dr. Bennett became a persistent seeker of higher education. In 1973, she earned a bachelor’s degree in health, recreation and physical education, and motor development from Humboldt State University, which she followed three short years later with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the same institution. Additionally, Dr. Bennett holds a master’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in kinesiology, both from Humboldt State University, along with a doctoral degree in organizational leadership from the University of La Verne. A licensed counseling psychologist, she also earned certification in preschool, elementary and secondary education teaching in 1974 and became a certified mediator in 1998.

Dr. Bennett volunteers her time to several nonprofit organizations, including a local blood bank, The American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Special Olympics. She also serves as a facilitator at St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, Calif. In recognition of her services, she was named Volunteer of the Year by the American Heart Association in1998 and was given the Eudora Welty Memorial Award by The American Red Cross in 2003. A member of IBC and ABI, she feels fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as an Ambassador Representative of the United States for the World Forum, a gathering she looks forward to attending each year. As the years progress, Dr. Bennett hopes to continue providing consulting services and making presentations on mediation. Continue reading

Louis E. Baxter Sr., MD, FASAM


Baxter, Louis 723589

President, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Medical Director
Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey
Princeton, NJ, USA
Industry: Business Services
Field: Health Care Professional Assistance

According to the National Institute of Mental Health’s Epidemiologic Catchment Area Survey of 1991, health care professional impairment is a serious issue that affects 10-15 percent of the population. As the president, chief executive officer and executive medical director of the Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey, Dr. Louis E. Baxter Sr. has dedicated his life to assisting and improving conditions for afflicted health care professionals in the state of New Jersey. He does so by diagnosing individuals with impairing conditions and establishing treatment plans for them.

The PAPNJ provides several crucial services to help improve the situation for health care professionals. From education and identification, to evaluation, treatment and monitoring, the organization truly impacts the bottom line for a healthy hospital setting. “Health care professionals have issues involved with themselves getting diseases, diagnosing themselves and — certainly — with [prescribing] ongoing treatment,” Dr. Baxter Sr. explains. “There are a lot of factors including licensing boards, malpractice insurance issues and hospital privileges that have to be identified and addressed.” To further their positive impact, the PAPNJ also provides assistance to hospitals to help them maintain their JCAHO certification. Each hospital is required to have a committee dedicated to identifying impairment. The PAPNJ provides those services through a contract as a “hospital authorized party.”

Substance addiction is a serious issue that affects the brain and behavior, negatively affecting millions of Americans in their daily lives. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, alcohol, nicotine and addictive substances “cost Americans upwards of half a trillion dollars per year,” factoring in the medical, criminal, economic and social consequences. Dr. Baxter Sr. has demonstrated an extraordinary degree of care and concern for those health care professionals (and the general public) who are beset with some kind of addiction. He considers these people to be impaired by a medical disease, much like any other, and considers them a high priority for the PAPNJ.

Dr. Baxter Sr. completed a fellowship in addiction medicine at Portsmouth Hospital, and a residency and internship in internal medicine in 1981 at Cooper University Hospital. He received an MD in 1978 from the Temple University School of Medicine. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in American Civilization and a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1973 from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Baxter Sr. holds board certification from the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is a certified medical review officer by the Medical Review Officer Certification Council and a certification candidate of the American Board of Internal Medicine. Continue reading

Carolyn Owen Purvis


Purvis, Carolyn 1645945

Sole Proprietor
CP Quality Consulting
Paris, TN, USA
Industry: Business Services
Field: Quality Management Systems

With 10 years of experience as the sole proprietor of CP Quality Consulting, Carolyn Purvis prides herself on providing top-quality consulting services to her clients. On a daily basis, she works hands-on with each client in order to share the benefits of her years of experience. Of course, in the consulting field, the learning process works both ways, as Ms. Purvis is obligated to learn the inner workings of each client’s business before improvements can be made.

Ms. Purvis is up-to-date on several series of standards, including ISO 14000, TS 16949 and ISO 9001, which makes her well-equipped to offer effective consulting services to companies in a wide variety of industries. “A system is typically documented, implemented and registered in a span of six to eight months,” says Ms. Purvis. “Each client requires different products and different management systems based on where a business is located. This aspect of our business is what keeps us on our toes. We provide all the information that is necessary to implement a Quality Management System to help a business become more profitable.”

Looking back, Ms. Purvis attributes her success to her ability to create order from chaos. She became involved in her profession because of her prior experiences working for a manufacturing plant; all of the plants had to be registered by a certain date, and she was tasked with coordinating the process. She found that she enjoyed her task, and eventually became the director of the quality system in that plant. From there, she progressed into starting her own business.

She explained, “My business began after I resigned my position as the quality director for a printing plant that was based in middle Tennessee. My husband wanted to move back to Paris, Tennessee, to be closer to our granddaughter and my elderly mother. We made the move, and about a month later a previous boss called and asked if I would like to do some audits with him. We would both be getting credit for audits completed, so we would be certified as ISO 9001 auditors. This was the first step for our business.”

From these beginnings, CP Quality Consulting was born, and it has thrived ever since. Looking ahead, Ms. Purvis hopes to increase her client base and bring her services to a wider group of satisfied customers. Continue reading

Linda Turner


Senior Project Manager, President
LT Consulting
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Industry: Business Services
Field: IT and Business Analysis Consulting

Linda Turner has spent the past 15 years as a consultant in the field of information technology. During that time, she has gained a wealth of experience from her mentors and employers, as well as her clients. Most recently, she established LT Consulting, for which she serves as a senior project manager and president. In this role, she is not only responsible for lending her experience to clients, but also for managing daily business operations. This adds significant challenges to her workload, but it allows her the freedom of being her own boss, as well as the pride that comes from owning one’s own business.

Currently, Ms. Turner manages a staff that varies in size at any given time from 10 to 30 system professionals. She also manages team project planning and budgeting initiatives, and controls the company’s resources, ensuring that they are distributed evenly across the company’s client base. Adept at speaking with all levels of employees and administrators, Ms. Turner is also responsible for working with and providing status updates and advice to senior executives, the state government, deputy administrators, and executive directors. She believes that organization, and the ability to multitask, implement initiatives, and manage issues effectively are among the key components to running any successful business. She works to develop and nurture these qualities within her employees.

Kim Trainor Davis


Trainor Davis, Kim

Owner, President
Nomiss Communication
Lubbock, TX, USA
Industry: Business Services
Field: Crisis Communications

Communication is a key element to the success of any business. “Knowing your audience and how to target your message to each audience, concisely, is where we come in,” says Kim Davis, owner and president of Nomiss Communication. Ms. Davis has more than 25 years of experience in the public relations arena. A former print reporter, Ms. Davis started her own communications firm in 2005, and over the years, she has successfully promoted clients, gaining regional, statewide and national attention for their endeavors.

Owning a business has been the hardest job Ms. Davis has ever had — she also considers it to be her greatest achievement. She has sustained and thrived in this economy, and continues to advance in her field. At the helm of Nomiss Communication, she offers clients assistance with media strategies and immediate crisis communications, and helps to defend clients’ reputations when necessary. She also takes the time to research companies and carefully plan media campaigns.

In 1988, Ms. Davis earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Texas Tech University. Prior to starting her own business, she served as a public relations director for a major hospital, and now writes for multiple media outlets, from magazines to newspapers, in addition to running Nomiss Communication. She also serves as a marketing chair for a local branch of United Way International, and volunteers for the local chamber of commerce.

Ms. Davis can easily adapt to any situation and attacks things head on in order to figure out how to resolve any issues. She hopes to be remembered as an honest communicator who gave good advice. As she continues to advance in her field, she plans to grow her company and develop a strong clientele outside of Texas. Continue reading