Maria-Elena Ochoa, MBA



Chief Executive Officer
MEO & Associates
Apache Junction, AZ, United States
Industry: Nonprofit
Field: Health Services

With nearly 40 years of experience in the health care sector, Maria-Elena Ochoa, MBA is a pioneer in mental health and substance abuse services. As the chief executive officer of MEO & Associates, she focuses the nonprofit work on assisting underserved communities. Her daily responsibilities include integrating primary care into behavioral mental health substance abuse services, facilitating collaboration among state agencies and community-based organizations, negotiating contracts, and representing the governor at community events and presentations. She also oversees the division for women in The Governor’s Office for Children, Youth and Families, where she coordinates and staffs the governor’s commission to prevent violence against women, grants management and statewide outreach.

Ms. Ochoa laid the foundation for her successful career by earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Arizona State University. Subsequently, she received an MBA in health care administration from the University of Phoenix. “I became involved in my profession because I wanted to make a difference for underserved populations on a statewide level,” she states.

As the recipient of the Gamma Alpha Omega Latina Excellence Award for Science and Medicine, Ms. Ochoa has undoubtedly cemented a strong presence in the field. She believes she has found success throughout her career due to her genuine passion for assisting others. Additionally, she relies on a strong work ethic, education and resilience to establish long-lasting relationships with those in her field. “There are a lot of people who always think inside the box. I am very much the opposite; I’m always an outside of the box person,” she states.

Though now a successful CEO of her own company, Ms. Ochoa has a stable background of successful experiences. She was part of the executive leadership team at Valle Del Sol from 2003 to 2007. Starting off as the vice president of prevention and family services, she was later promoted to chief operating officer. In addition, she worked at Marc Center for more than 24 years, where she served as the director of behavioral health services.

Wholeheartedly dedicated to her community, Ms. Ochoa spends her spare time with various charitable organizations. She is affiliated with the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, the Arizona Women’s Heritage Trail and the Arizona Council of Human Service Providers, among many others. Continue reading

Therese A. Boisvert, M.Ed.


Administrative Assistant
The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse
La Crosse, WI, USA
Industry: Nonprofit
Field: Administration and Library Management

Always interested in seeking new information, Therese A. Boisvert found her niche in the field of computers. After working in a medical library, she was able to hone her skills in computer systems and apply them to her position as an administrative assistant for the moderator of the curia/vicar general for The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse. Utilizing her extensive organizational skills, Ms. Boisvert is charged with assisting the vicar general and bishop with their daily communications, and aiding the vicar of clergy with priests who face immigration issues.

In 1982, Ms. Boisvert earned a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Law Studies and Political Science, with a minor in sociology, from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Three years later she earned a Master of Science in Education and Library Sciences from the same institution. Prior to her position with The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse, Ms. Boisvert worked at Gundersen Lutheran, where she scheduled appointments, entered data into the medical software system, and worked closely with companies throughout the U.S. regarding physical examinations. With 26 years of experience, the highlight of her career was starting her new position with The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse, and being able to utilize all of her skills. In her current position, she also oversees two libraries; plans to set up a third library are underway. Ms. Boisvert intends to establish consistency in the church’s library system.

Ms. Boisvert is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, Stanford Who’s Who and Presidential Who’s Who. She also serves as a chairperson of the Aquinas Education Commission, and is a member of The Cathedral of St. Joseph the Workman’s Education Committee. Looking toward the future, she aspires to continue to work with the Diocese and make a difference. Continue reading

Rob Moir, Ph.D.


Moir, RobDirector
Ocean River Institute
Cambridge, MA, USA
Industry: Nonprofit
Field: Environmental Conservation

“To save oceans and all the species of inhabitants that dwell within, we must be more thoughtful of the connections between land and sea, take an ecosystem-based management approach, and become more responsible in how we interact with the sea,” states Rob Moir, director of Ocean River Institute. “Savvy to the troubles oceans are in, we must practice better ocean stewardship for the greater good of all.” This is a belief that Dr. Moir holds close in the management of his nonprofit organization, which focuses on helping individuals and groups to make a difference where they live and work through environmental stewardship and science. Over the past four decades, Dr. Moir has honed his expertise in the areas of conservation, environmental organization management and environmental studies. His oversight of Ocean River Institute includes coordinating with local groups, maintaining a strong network of partners, and leading environment-related initiatives. One of the organization’s recent successes involved stopping nitrogen pollution and saving dolphins in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.

“For me, there has always been life in oceans,” Dr. Moir explains of his motivation in establishing the Ocean River Institute. He was also strongly influenced by his father, who first sparked his love for the water, as well as by the Moir family motto: “Not for self, but for all.” “Consistent with family tradition, it is most rewarding for me to work with others to save wildlife, watersheds, rivers and oceans,” he states. To prepare himself for such work, Dr. Moir earned an extensive academic foundation. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and a Master of Science in Teaching, both from Antioch University New England, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science from Hampshire College. Additionally, he holds a certification in ecology from The Marine Biological Laboratory.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Moir has proven himself an educator, scientist and activist with a background in institutional management and marine policy success. He has also held leadership positions in a number of advocacy organizations and museums. Dr. Moir currently serves on the Partnership of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area, representing the BID Advisory Council. Looking toward the future, he intends to continue providing efficient leadership for the Ocean River Institute in its mission to support a greener and bluer planet Earth. “Our long term goal,” he shares, “is to fill the void between ocean management extremes.” Continue reading