Ann Patterson, CPA, CGA


Patterson, AnnCertified General Accountant
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Finance
Field: Accounting Services

Some are born with the ability to solve accounting ratios in their head without even blinking, while others who are given an equation simply hand it right back with a puzzled look on their face. Working with numbers is not for everyone. However, for Ann Patterson, it is her knack for numbers that has provided her with a career for the past three decades. When she first began searching for which field she would pursue a profession in, accounting jumped to the forefront as her father was already a successful chartered accountant. Although most career women were expected to fill the shoes of nurses and teachers, Ms. Patterson held no interest in those fields. She was a numbers girl and always would be.

In 1979, Ms. Patterson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce and Economics from the University of Toronto Scarborough, graduating with honors. She now serves as a certified general accountant, and names the highlight of her career to be receiving an accounting designation. Working for an accounting company, Ms. Patterson has gained knowledge in examining financial records and transactions. She is charged with the oversight of financial reporting mechanisms, policies and processes, in addition to the planning, setup and administration of accounting systems. She is highly skilled in developing and maintaining cost findings, reporting on internal control procedures and analyzing financial documents and reports. She ensures accuracy and compliance to accounting standards, procedures and internal control, and sees to it that employees adhere to industry standards, corporate rules and regulatory requirements.

Ms. Patterson is a member of the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs, Canadian Federation of University Women and Financial Executives International Canada. Ms. Patterson also serves on the board of directors for the Times Change Women’s Employment Service, a nonprofit community agency that has been helping women reach their employment goals since 1974. Continue reading