Carolyn Owen Purvis


Purvis, Carolyn 1645945

Sole Proprietor
CP Quality Consulting
Paris, TN, USA
Industry: Business Services
Field: Quality Management Systems

With 10 years of experience as the sole proprietor of CP Quality Consulting, Carolyn Purvis prides herself on providing top-quality consulting services to her clients. On a daily basis, she works hands-on with each client in order to share the benefits of her years of experience. Of course, in the consulting field, the learning process works both ways, as Ms. Purvis is obligated to learn the inner workings of each client’s business before improvements can be made.

Ms. Purvis is up-to-date on several series of standards, including ISO 14000, TS 16949 and ISO 9001, which makes her well-equipped to offer effective consulting services to companies in a wide variety of industries. “A system is typically documented, implemented and registered in a span of six to eight months,” says Ms. Purvis. “Each client requires different products and different management systems based on where a business is located. This aspect of our business is what keeps us on our toes. We provide all the information that is necessary to implement a Quality Management System to help a business become more profitable.”

Looking back, Ms. Purvis attributes her success to her ability to create order from chaos. She became involved in her profession because of her prior experiences working for a manufacturing plant; all of the plants had to be registered by a certain date, and she was tasked with coordinating the process. She found that she enjoyed her task, and eventually became the director of the quality system in that plant. From there, she progressed into starting her own business.

She explained, “My business began after I resigned my position as the quality director for a printing plant that was based in middle Tennessee. My husband wanted to move back to Paris, Tennessee, to be closer to our granddaughter and my elderly mother. We made the move, and about a month later a previous boss called and asked if I would like to do some audits with him. We would both be getting credit for audits completed, so we would be certified as ISO 9001 auditors. This was the first step for our business.”

From these beginnings, CP Quality Consulting was born, and it has thrived ever since. Looking ahead, Ms. Purvis hopes to increase her client base and bring her services to a wider group of satisfied customers. Continue reading

Darryl R. Wilson

Architecture & Construction

Wilson, Darryl

Itracit Project Solutions Inc.
Onoway, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Architecture/Construction
Field: Turnaround Project Management

The youngest Canron Construction site manager in Western Canada, Darryl R. Wilson has dedicated nearly four decades to the construction industry. He began his career working as a boilermaker, and after gaining substantial experience in his field, Mr. Wilson assumed a position as a senior planner and scheduler for Alstom Power, followed by a position as senior planner and scheduler for Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR, Inc.). He enjoys project management and the implementation of business planning and currently serves as the president of Itracit Project Solutions Inc.

Mr. Wilson is skilled in turnaround project management for clients in the power generation, pulp and paper, oil and gas, process and chemical industries. Drawing on his educational background, which includes a Microsoft certified professional designation and a certification as a Microsoft System engineer, he has become an expert in consulting and leadership. In his current role, he plans multi-contractor and trade resource loaded and fully integrated schedules for turnaround execution teams, including level six detail schedules that utilize critical path methodology. He credits his successful career to his 35 years of field experience and 29 years in a managerial or supervisory role with the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths Forgers and Helpers.

Mr. Wilson holds the record for the quickest erection of an EEC precipitator — 90 days from material onsite to commissioning. He also names being responsible for the rigging procedures and rigging crews for the field erection of the first supercritical boiler in Canada as one of the highlights of his profession. Looking toward the future, he plans to retire and take time for himself. He is considering mentoring young people entering the planning and scheduling field. Continue reading

Gerald E. Mines


Mines, Gerald

1) Former Captain, Commanding Officer, Operations Commander and Counterterrorism Trainer, New York City Police Department
2) Former Police Commissioner, City of Mount Vernon, New York Police Department
3) Current Police Expert Witness and Consultant, Equalizer Private Investigations, New York City
Industry: Government/Public Service
Field: Law Enforcement and Investigative Services

“People need to be treated with dignity and respect,” proclaims Gerald E. Mines, who has served the City of New York diligently for the past 43 years. He believes in exhibiting courtesy, professionalism and respect when doing his job, a value that has made him highly successful and respected. Mr. Mines is a former captain, commanding officer, operations commander and counterterrorism trainer for the New York City Police Department and a former police commissioner for the City of Mount Vernon, New York Police Department. He also gained experience serving with the military police. With a background in youth gang control and criminal and internal investigations of police misconduct, one of his many accomplishments was reducing violent youth gang crime in Brooklyn, N.Y., by 70 percent. In addition, he revamped the NYPD Civilian Complaint Review Board and streamlined the NYPD Medical Division, which encompassed his engineering and implementing a joint citywide medical, police and fire department emergency response plan. This has saved New York City more than $3 million annually.

Mr. Mines has gained exceptional skills over the years, which he applies to his most current position with Equalizer Private Investigations. Serving as a police expert witness and consultant, he investigates complaints from attorneys or individuals against municipalities, prepares documentation regarding his findings and recommendations, and provides court testimony to refute or confirm the legitimacy of the complaints. Mr. Mines is equipped with a wealth of knowledge, acquired not only through experience, but also through his academic pursuits. He earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, graduating magna cum laude, and a master’s degree in criminal justice leadership and management from New England College School of Graduate and Professional Studies, graduating summa cum laude.

In appreciation for his many contributions to the City of New York, Mr. Mines  was recently inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who as a lifetime member and was given the Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in his field for 2012. In addition, he was given a number of honors by the NYPD and other law enforcement groups. They include the Police Exceptional Merit Award, Police Commendation Award, Police Community Service Commendation Award, two Meritorious Police Duty Awards, six Excellent Police Duty Awards, a Unit Citation Award, World Trade Center Service Award, Police Self-Support Group Humanitarian Award, Operation Sail Award, Centennial Award, and the Pistol and Rifle Expert Award.

Furthermore, Mr. Mines has been honored by the New York State Shields, of which he is a former president, with the Distinguished Service Award. He is also a former president of the NYPD Shomrim Society, and was given the New York City TLC Columbia Association Man of the Year Award.

Mr. Mines is a Major General and Commander of the 2nd Corps of the United States Disaster Relief Command and a member of several professional law enforcement organizations, including the American Academy of Professional Law Enforcement, International Association of Chiefs of Police, ASIS International, the Association of Legal/Medical and Investigative Experts, and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Alumni Association. He is a second vice president of the New York State Fraternal Order of Police Memorial Lodge 100 and a delegate for the NYPD Honor Legion, New York/New Jersey Crime Clinic, New York City Police Reserve Association, Nassau County Police Reserve Association and National Police Defense Foundation. Looking ahead, Mr. Mines hopes to advance to the position of police chief or become a police commissioner, police director, or police chief in another city. Continue reading

Kelly Gleadall Beach


Beach, Kelly Gleadall 949212Owner
KMG Consulting
North Las Vegas, NV, USA
Industry: Social Services
Field: Behavioral Health Care Consulting


Motivated by the faces and stories of children whose living situations are less than desirable, Kelly Gleadall Beach formed her own consulting firm, KMG Consulting, where she provides behavioral health care services and offers individual and family assessments. As the owner, Ms. Gleadall Beach oversees mental health assessments, coordinates with foster care agencies, and organizes behavioral health care with Medicaid to ensure that children receive the appropriate support. For 20 years, her main goal has been to provide what is in the best interest of the child.

A licensed marriage and family therapist, Ms. Gleadall Beach attributes her success to her hard work, perseverance, patience, and faith in others. Her desire to help others brought her into her profession and through her firm, she is determined to offer every child the behavioral health treatment they deserve. Dealing with the system designed to aid these children can be somewhat challenging, but Ms. Gleadall Beach is extremely passionate about fulfilling her responsibilities. Although there can be obstacles in her profession, facilitating a reunion with family members who have the best interest of the child at heart makes it all worthwhile.

In 2005, Ms. Gleadall Beach earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In 1994, she received a Master of Education in Counseling and Guidance from the Saint Thomas Campus at the University of the Virgin Islands, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1991 from George Mason University. To keep herself up-to-date in her field, she holds memberships with The Nevada Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. In the future, Ms. Gleadall Beach hopes to continue assisting children and adults with their behavioral health care needs. In her spare time, she enjoys vacationing with her family and husband William, scuba diving, gardening and reading. Continue reading