Sylvia Fraley


Rogers, AR, USA
Industry: Arts
Field: Creative Writing

The ability to translate the wonders of one’s imagination into written word is one that requires great skill, time commitment, and most importantly, natural talent. Sylvia Fraley exercises all of these attributes and pours herself into her work as an author of novels on a variety of topics. On websites and in bookstores around Arkansas, Ms. Fraley’s books draw in audiences that appreciate drama, suspense, mystery and a little bit of romance. For this passionate writer, the greatest reward gleaned from her work — other than seeing her name in print — is knowing that readers are entertained when turning the pages of her novels.

Among some of the fascinating titles published by Ms. Fraley are “Eye to Eye,” the story of a chance meeting involving crime, near-death encounters and love; “Only a Fortune Cookie?”; and “Breeze…the Mermaid” and its sequel “Breeze…the Mermaid II: The Tridon,” which blur the line of reality between humans on land and mythical creatures in the sea. These exciting tales are the result of a similarly colorful life led by Ms. Fraley, whose experiences have taken her to many places throughout the globe and introduced her to a myriad of personalities, one of whom was Ronald B. Walkshorse, who illustrated book covers and contributed additional storylines for the “Breeze” series. The pair is set to release the third installment of the series and plans to continue their partnership with more publications.

In addition to her writing, Ms. Fraley is an insurance adjuster for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. She has written fashion articles for the Los Angeles Times and created layouts for advertising agencies on a freelance basis. Her favorite activities include traveling to create new memories and writing material, and enjoying nature outdoors. To witness the beauty of many cultures and acquire a wider audience, she plans to publish her books worldwide.  Continue reading