Hilda Lunderstedt



Lunderstedt Group
Roodepoort, South Africa
Industry: Business Services
Field: Business Strategy, Marketing and Branding

Hilda Lunderstedt has three years of experience as a director of Lunderstedt Group, an entrepreneurship that provides strategic management, branding and marketing. On a daily basis, she is responsible for setting and steering the vision and future of the group, reviewing business opportunities, networking and overseeing all operations of the company, including marketing, business strategy, branding and negotiation. In 2001, Ms Lunderstedt started NutriLida Healthcare, which was recognized as one of the most innovative and successful nutraceutical companies. She grew it into a nine-figure turnover business within a few years. NutriLida Healthcare was later sold to a major South African pharmaceutical company, which paved the way for Hilda’s expansion into the international arena as a serial entrepreneur.

Over the years, Ms. Lunderstedt has established herself as an expert in business strategy, innovation, marketing and branding of businesses, products and services. As shareholder in several entities, she plays a key role in guiding these companies with future planning and growth strategies, including marketing, business strategies, branding and negotiation.

Ms. Lunderstedt is also a children’s ambassador for Tekkie Tax Day, an annual fundraising campaign in South Africa, which raises millions in aid of welfare organizations across South Africa. Through her philanthropy, she hopes to bring positive change to the lives of the millions of underprivileged South African children. In years to come, Ms. Lunderstedt aims for continued growth in her career. She wants to make a positive impact on the world.

Allard van Riel, Ph.D.


Vice Dean, Director
Institute for Management Research
Radboud University Nijmegen
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Industry: Education
Field: Research Innovation

Following his adage, “Creating knowledge for society,” Allard van Riel pursued a career in academia, becoming the vice dean and director of the Institute for Management Research of the Radboud University Nijmegen, situated in the oldest city in the Netherlands. With an interest in improving and developing new services, Dr. van Riel obtained a chair position with the university and established a department based on such services. He progressed into the vice dean position and has been developing it for the past three years.

Dr. van Riel possesses expertise in a variety of subjects, including research innovation and teaching, and in his current position, he organizes and writes policies for the organization of human resources, teaches marketing and solicits for external funding. He also oversees 140 researchers. Dr. van Riel’s main goal is to bring together experts from different disciplines to address issues of high societal relevance. He is currently gathering doctors and individuals from different public administrations to devise new business models together that are much more efficient and effective. “I am trying to make steps forward in this area,” he says.

Dr. van Riel first earned a master’s degree in philosophy knowledge theory at the University of Amsterdam, and then in 2003, he graduated from Maastricht University with a Ph.D. in Service Innovation. The author of 25 publications, he maintains affiliation with the Academy of Management, a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of management and administration. He also sponsors small entrepreneurs in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, located in West Africa. Dr. van Riel attributes his success to his hard work and watching for opportunities. As the years progress, he intends to assist in the future development of the Institute for Management Research. He also aspires to become well-known for his focus on social management studies and social innovation services. Continue reading

Debra Stellar


Stellar, Debra 532954

Director of Sales and Marketing
Starlite Sign, LP
Denton, TX, USA
Industry: Manufacturing
Field: Marketing and Sales Management

After realizing that working as a receptionist would not suffice to raise her five children, Debra Stellar set a goal to become involved in sales by the time she turned 30. Beating her own deadline, she was selling lumber by the age of 28, a position she held for 10 years. She later moved to Texas and began working in the sign industry, which led her to the position of director of sales and marketing for Starlite Sign, LP, a sign manufacturing company that provides the design and installation of interior and exterior electrical signs.

Holding 25 years of experience in sales management, Ms. Stellar spends her time carrying out many tasks, including working with high-profile companies, looking for new business prospects, coordinating with municipalities, negotiating, managing projects, and writing proposals. She is also charged with overseeing sales and partakes in obtaining large signage for the best price and value available. She takes time to develop and maintain client relationships, which ultimately results in returning customers. “I have good rapport [with my clients] and [strong] customer service skills,” she says. Her main motivation stems from seeing a customer satisfied.

Ms. Stellar has completed college coursework in business, accounting and psychology. In recognition of her exceptional skills in sales, she was named Vendor Sales Representative of the Year by Hastings Entertainment in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008. She also supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure. When she is able to find a moment away from work, she enjoys watching football and basketball, and spending time with her seven grandchildren. Though she intends to retire at the age of 70, Ms. Stellar plans to continue working as a consultant. She also plans to write a book, something she has always wanted to do. Continue reading

Diana Landes


D. & L. Landes Company, Inc.
New York, NY, USA
Industry: Insurance
Field: Insurance Sales and Service

Insurance has traditionally been a difficult and complex business. It deals with risk management and other complicated issues, including money, injury and death. Diana J. Landes received training when she worked for her supportive father, who owned Leo J. Landes CLU, Inc., a group insurance firm that offered health insurance, long-term disability insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement plans.

Diana Landes and Leo Landes co-founded D. & L. Landes Company, Inc. in 1991. With Leo Landes’ encouragement, Ms. Landes continued in insurance with the D. & L. Landes Company corporation when her father retired. She added property/casualty insurance services in addition to employee benefits services.

Diana Landes continued on her own only after she received extensive education and training. Upon earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, summa cum laude, with a minor in music, from the University at Buffalo, Ms. Landes went on to obtain a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University. She then gained experience in account management and marketing, including working for two years in the advertising industry and as a product director for Johnson & Johnson.

With expertise in group health and group long-term disability insurance, and experience with business owner’s insurance, co-operative apartment and apartment renters insurance, she advises clients in the purchase of policies and is available to assist them with renewals and claims. Her career highlight was representing her father’s client as a member of the Church Medical Insurance Committee, which accounted for more than 250,000 lives, and obtaining the accounts of small businesses and individuals in the Greater New York area. She attributes her success to her perseverance and devotion to clients’ interests. In order to remain abreast of current events, she reads Business Insurance and Newsweek.

Ms. Landes is a licensed property and casualty insurance broker, working as a producer in property and casualty insurance, and a licensed life and health insurance broker in the state of New York. She is a member of The Columbia Business School Alumni Club, the Alumni Association of the University at Buffalo, and the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, and watching movies. As an expert in her field, Ms. Landes has made multiple presentations to conventions of clergy, and at seminars held by a Chamber of Commerce, located in Bronx County, primarily regarding medical and disability benefits. Continue reading

Stephen Beemish


Beemish, StephenSenior Vice President of Commercial Insurance
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Industry: Insurance
Field: Commercial Insurance

For nearly three decades, Stephen A. Beemish has enjoyed a successful career in the insurance industry. Beginning in a mailroom of an insurance brokerage, Mr. Beemish progressed to a marketing role, and eventually became an executive for various businesses within the insurance sector. He currently serves as the senior vice president of commercial insurance for HUB International, a position he has held for seven years. Noted as one of the world’s largest insurance brokerages, HUB International provides an array of services ranging from personal insurance to business insurance, employee benefits and risk services.

An expert in manufacturing risks, Mr. Beemish is responsible for driving sales, bringing revenue, educating clients and covering all lines of commercial insurance, as well as managing a department comprised primarily of sales personnel. In addition to managing staff members, he also drives sales for a large portfolio of commercial clients within a number of diverse industries, all while providing expert guidance to younger, less-experienced salespeople.

Although none would argue that Mr. Beemish’s professional experience is impressive in its own right, his emphasis on effective communication with clients is what sets him apart from others in the industry. “I’m always honest with my clients,” he states, which is important in a business that is constantly evolving based on consumer needs and market trends. Above all else, Mr. Beemish believes that sales is a “people’s business,” and building rapport is just as important as having technical skills in the industry.

In addition to the knowledge Mr. Beemish has gained in the professional world, he also holds an Associate Degree in Business Management and Industrial Relations from Kwantlean University College and an Associate Degree in Insurance from the Insurance Institute of Canada. He currently maintains affiliations with The Vancouver Board of Trade and the Canadian Alarm and Security Association. Continue reading