Drina L. McCorkle, Broker, CRS


McCorkle, Drina 1225339

Certified Residential Specialist, Broker
John L. Scott, Anacortes
Anacortes, WA, USA
Industry: Real Estate
Field: Luxury Real Estate

As a certified residential specialist and broker of John L. Scott, Anacortes, Drina L. McCorkle has 29 years of real estate experience. Possessing a strong work ethic, Ms. McCorkle’s day begins at 7:30 a.m. every day, and ends when business is concluded, regardless of the hour. At the beginning of the real estate sale process, clients usually ask Ms. McCorkle what the value of their home is. She gathers the necessary data and gives clients a reasonable estimate of what they should expect to be offered. From there, she either continues with the sale process as per the clients’ preferences, or recommends that the client not sell at that particular time. She feels that honesty is truly the best policy, and she does her best to ensure that clients get the most value for their homes, even if it means they must sell at a different time than they had expected.

Ms. McCorkle considers the most rewarding aspect of her career to be the appreciation that clients show for her work. As an example, she recalls a house that was owned by an older couple, and after selling the house for them, she was able to take the original owners back to their former home later on to see how it looked renovated. The thrill that they experienced when they saw their home remains with Ms. McCorkle to this day.

When asked about her mentors, Ms. McCorkle recalls Jim Colley, with whom she worked for six months. In their time together, Jim taught Ms. McCorkle that one can ever know everything, and she has always kept that in her mind. Jim taught her everything that she knows. Looking ahead, Ms. McCorkle plans to work for another three years until her adopted grandson graduates from high school. From there, she plans to continue working, as she has a great passion for real estate, and loves what she does. Continue reading

Sally Blye Eddy


Eddy, Sally 1494377

Owner, Appraiser
Commercial Appraisal & Consulting, LLC, dba Appraisal & Consulting Group, LLC
Vancouver, WA, USA
Industry: Real Estate
Field: Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

As the owner of and appraiser for Commercial Appraisal & Consulting, LLC dba Appraisal & Consulting Group, LLC, Sally Blye Eddy is an expert in the valuation of commercial properties within the coastal areas of Oregon and Washington.  This geographical area was a highly underserved location with lenders often waiting months for an appraisal.  She regularly performs commercial appraisals that are used for mortgage lending, loan monitoring, tax appeals, estate evaluations and lease negotiations. As such, her services provide a valuable asset to the industry in underserved areas of the market.

Among Ms. Eddy’s greatest professional assets are her research and quick study skills. Her research skills were honed by years of research in the pulp and paper industry where she worked for 27 years prior to her most recent venture, which began in June 1998.  She consistently ensures that her client understands and is satisfied with the timeliness and reliability of her work product.

Ms. Eddy feels that everyone, regardless of profession, needs to experience the feeling that their work is appreciated and that it has value and relevance. In fact, she considers this aspect to be the most rewarding of this most recent career.  She considers herself fortunate to have found a profession which provides positive feedback on a regular basis.

While Ms. Eddy loves her profession and couldn’t see herself in another one, she feels that the recent governmental regulations are not well understood by lenders. As a result, direct communication between appraisers and lenders has barriers imposed internally that affect the ability of the appraiser to obtain relevant information in a timely manner. These regulations, which are intended to protect the end consumer and lenders in her opinion can ultimately impact the reliability and credibility of the valuation results. Within this environment it is important to stay up to date in order to comply with regulations, since “the consequences for missing a change can mean re-doing an appraisal, which is time lost, [or the possibility of] litigation or losing one’s license.”

Ms. Eddy also believes that the world is split between two types of people: those who are willing to make decisions, and those who are not. She further believes that among the decision-makers are two subsets: those who put up obstacles to change, and those who try to overcome those barriers. She sees herself as being in the latter group. As a woman having worked in two industries that are male-dominated, Ms. Eddy is certainly no stranger to overcoming barriers and finding the success that she currently enjoys.

Within the next five years, Ms. Eddy hopes to be comfortably retired so that she can spend more quality time with her adult children and adult grandchildren and hopefully future great-grandchildren. Thanks to her daughter’s decision to move back to Vancouver, both of Ms. Eddy’s children now live within five miles of her. She plans to make the most of her soon-to-be-retirement years, enjoying the companionship of family and friends. Continue reading