Linda Turner


Senior Project Manager, President
LT Consulting
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Industry: Business Services
Field: IT and Business Analysis Consulting

Linda Turner has spent the past 15 years as a consultant in the field of information technology. During that time, she has gained a wealth of experience from her mentors and employers, as well as her clients. Most recently, she established LT Consulting, for which she serves as a senior project manager and president. In this role, she is not only responsible for lending her experience to clients, but also for managing daily business operations. This adds significant challenges to her workload, but it allows her the freedom of being her own boss, as well as the pride that comes from owning one’s own business.

Currently, Ms. Turner manages a staff that varies in size at any given time from 10 to 30 system professionals. She also manages team project planning and budgeting initiatives, and controls the company’s resources, ensuring that they are distributed evenly across the company’s client base. Adept at speaking with all levels of employees and administrators, Ms. Turner is also responsible for working with and providing status updates and advice to senior executives, the state government, deputy administrators, and executive directors. She believes that organization, and the ability to multitask, implement initiatives, and manage issues effectively are among the key components to running any successful business. She works to develop and nurture these qualities within her employees.

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