Gary L. Hubler


Hubler, Gary 104082

Owner, Manager
Gary’s Snack Shop
Germantown, MD, USA
Industry: Retail/Wholesale/Distribution/Sales
Field: Physical Chemistry

Gary L. Hubler is the owner and manager of Gary’s Snack Shop in Germantown, Maryland. Since his youth, Mr. Hubler has maintained a busy schedule, despite having to overcome a serious setback in 1976. In high school he participated in extracurricular activities through the Future Farmers of America. The Summer of 1970, he was recognized as the News Carrier of the Year by the Washington Evening Star Newspaper, an honor that involved traveling to the White House to meet with then-President Nixon in the Oval Office. He received a bachelor of science with a major in animal science from the University of Maryland.

Mr. Hubler was severely injured in an auto accident that left him debilitated and blinded, but he was able to recuperate from the damage after several surgeries and years of rehabilitative training. Eventually, he enlisted in a Maryland Business Enterprise Program which required two years of specialized training including college-level courses, rehabilitation center training and on-the-job training instruction. In 1995 he became licensed by the State of Maryland in Food Safety Sanitation Management and certified by the county as a food safe sanitation handler.

Gary’s Snack Shop makes available high-quality food and drink items with a focus on nutritional value. Mr. Hubler has owned the shop for 13 years. He keeps a watchful eye on the goods that pass through his store’s shelves, as he ensures people are getting the best product for their money. He is presently in the process of expanding his business. Continue reading