Claire Power Murphy


Murphy, Claire 501962

The Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc.
Newberry, FL, USA
Industry: Holistic Health Care
Field: Health, Wellness and Nutrition

“It will be very great when humanity is improving every single year of their lives,” states Claire Power Murphy, director of The Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc., a Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce-sanctioned facility where she teaches clients to rejuvenate their lives through the maintenance of balanced blood chemistry levels. Ms. Murphy has custom-created simple yet effective recipes that can help people achieve equilibrium. Her approach is based on the tenet that humans are formed of the earth, which has 12 basic minerals that are supposed to be in balance. Due to the overuse of soil through farming, this delicate balance has become unhinged. Ms. Murphy offers a solution: a “delicious, progressive lifestyle,” where patients can reduce health expenditures while achieving maximum results.

Ms. Murphy is the author of “Preserved to Serve,” a book detailing the adversities she overcame on her way to a healthy, spiritual lifestyle. The story begins with an account of her first 25 years of life, which was plagued with illness. It continues with her encounters with a sickly husband and two sickly children. After losing custody of her daughter, Ms. Murphy challenged the court system for four months before reuniting with her. She went on to help her daughter recover from the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Through it all, Ms. Murphy forged a healthy lifestyle and became a shining beacon of hope for those in search of holistic healing. What sets Ms. Murphy apart from others is her ability to identify with people’s suffering and struggles because, in most cases, she feels she has been there herself. “There’s a compassionate link,” she says, “so they receive psychological support in addition to physical.” Clients are also drawn by her resiliency, enthusiasm, strength and courage.

Ms. Murphy received a master’s degree in elementary education in 1966 and a bachelor’s degree in history with minors in elementary education and psychology in 1963. In 2004, she received certification in hydrotherapy, home remedies, and grief therapy from NAD Health Ministries, and in 1974 she received a certification in administration and supervision from Richmond College. She is a member of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, a Chairman’s Circle Member of The Oxford Club, a Lifetime Member of The Sovereign Society, a Lifetime Member of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the United Federation of Teachers, AARP and Seed-Savers Exchange.

Conversation with Claire Power Murphy

WORLDWIDE PUBLISHING: What would you like to promote most about yourself or your business?

Claire Power Murphy: The Self-Rejuvenation Center provides a unique opportunity for people to improve every single year of their lives, the condition being that they follow the exact directions of living within “the Laws of Nature.” This is for anybody; it will certainly help people immeasurably the more they participate and gain access to the recipes. However, the total improvement comes from balancing blood chemistry, which is on an individual basis. I am looking to employ people; I am constantly scouting online (including on the Cambridge Who’s Who Connect website) for people to collaborate with. I’m only here for the benefit of other people.

The best thing is for a person to have a consultation with me while following the applications and guidelines on the website; also, present to me their blood and urinalysis test results so I can evaluate them individually. Mind you, there will be changes over time because our chemistry changes all the time. This is part of the initial consultation, which costs $150. By the way, these prices are relatively low.

The best results are obtained the younger a person is. The special on my website, which deals with feeding children, can be truly beneficial. There are pages of details corresponding to exact proportions and when exactly changes are applied. Those are the things that were applied that caused my baby to improve so much. There is nothing simple about any of it, so $100 is nothing compared to a lifetime of being healthy.

On what topic(s) do you consider yourself to be an expert?

Enabling people to reach their full potential on all levels. I am connecting with all of these people on Cambridge Who’s Who Connect. I am supporting them to reach their full potential already! Why am I doing these things when I was given three days to live, three years ago? I certainly couldn’t do any of this then; it’s because of the lifestyle.

And just like my baby, when I was deprived of a high-level natural lifestyle, I slipped. Since it came back, I’m improving every single year; honestly, every single day.

Your daughter had cerebral palsy, and you saw her recover from it. There’s no love like the love you have for your child. You helped her heal with your way of thinking.

I saw the improvements in my son and myself, which strengthened me and encouraged me to heal her.

How do you remain current in your profession?

Because I have been so sick, and I wanted better things for myself and my children, I studied many books on the subject of the body as a chemistry laboratory.

What is the most difficult obstacle or challenge you have faced in pursuit of your goals?

I’ve been sick; I’ve had two sick husbands and my children have been sick. I’ve refused to succumb. People need the courage and confidence to succeed in trying to help themselves. Once your willpower puts you out there grasping for something better, and you start imbibing something that has a higher nutritive value, very quickly does the body take over. Where I’m at, I can’t cheat very much. It’s a faith in the natural that is required initially; also, a faith in the person you are going to for help.

What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

Short-term, The Self-Rejuvenation Center would like to work with doctors – especially pediatricians. The public still looks to doctors for their healthcare. But the doctor somehow has to understand the value of what I’m teaching; I’m hoping to create this link. People who have an interest in helping themselves and who hold a great deal of compassion for others choose to work with The Self-Rejuvenation Center.

I have been in a hospital and a home and have been mistreated. Some of the stuff that’s happening in these places does not have to be. Long-term, I would like to have a real center where people can go. They can have their blood testing and analysis done right there at the center; there will be a doctor affiliated with the center. I have had patients, not a lot, but some, who have come to me claiming to be drug addicts, and are no longer; likewise I have had people come to me saying they had cancer, yet they really didn’t. I can bring some of these people in as consultants who can identify with likewise people. There could be rooms where people can stay to receive support, or to detoxify; this will be funded with donations. And get this, when they’re all finished with the healthcare debate in Congress, and it’s not working, then the government may actually fund what I’m talking about.

What is the most difficult obstacle or challenge you have faced in pursuit of your goals?

Simple answer: people not listening.

Do you have a motto?

“Let food be your medicine.” — Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine.

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