Claire Power Murphy


Murphy, Claire 501962

The Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc.
Newberry, FL, USA
Industry: Holistic Health Care
Field: Health, Wellness and Nutrition

“It will be very great when humanity is improving every single year of their lives,” states Claire Power Murphy, director of The Self-Rejuvenation Center, Inc., a Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce-sanctioned facility where she teaches clients to rejuvenate their lives through the maintenance of balanced blood chemistry levels. Ms. Murphy has custom-created simple yet effective recipes that can help people achieve equilibrium. Her approach is based on the tenet that humans are formed of the earth, which has 12 basic minerals that are supposed to be in balance. Due to the overuse of soil through farming, this delicate balance has become unhinged. Ms. Murphy offers a solution: a “delicious, progressive lifestyle,” where patients can reduce health expenditures while achieving maximum results.

Ms. Murphy is the author of “Preserved to Serve,” a book detailing the adversities she overcame on her way to a healthy, spiritual lifestyle. The story begins with an account of her first 25 years of life, which was plagued with illness. It continues with her encounters with a sickly husband and two sickly children. After losing custody of her daughter, Ms. Murphy challenged the court system for four months before reuniting with her. She went on to help her daughter recover from the symptoms of cerebral palsy. Through it all, Ms. Murphy forged a healthy lifestyle and became a shining beacon of hope for those in search of holistic healing. What sets Ms. Murphy apart from others is her ability to identify with people’s suffering and struggles because, in most cases, she feels she has been there herself. “There’s a compassionate link,” she says, “so they receive psychological support in addition to physical.” Clients are also drawn by her resiliency, enthusiasm, strength and courage.

Ms. Murphy received a master’s degree in elementary education in 1966 and a bachelor’s degree in history with minors in elementary education and psychology in 1963. In 2004, she received certification in hydrotherapy, home remedies, and grief therapy from NAD Health Ministries, and in 1974 she received a certification in administration and supervision from Richmond College. She is a member of the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, a Chairman’s Circle Member of The Oxford Club, a Lifetime Member of The Sovereign Society, a Lifetime Member of the American Federation of Teachers and a member of the United Federation of Teachers, AARP and Seed-Savers Exchange. Continue reading