Dale West


West, Dale 485145

True Essence Aura & Chakra Photography, LLC
Green Bay, WI, USA
Industry: Holistic Health Care
Field: Aura and Chakra Interpretation

There are several chakra spots in the body, but as the owner of True Essence Aura & Chakra Photography, LLC, Dale West focuses on the main seven that run from the head to the hip. Opening its doors in 2004, this therapy center provides several forms of alternative medicine, including preprogrammed sessions to balance the body, mind and spirit, such as dry thermal heat, vibratory and oxygenation massage, and aroma, sound and LED light therapy. Those interested in balancing the body, mind and spirit are very much intrigued by what the chakras of the body are doing. “We are able to show them their full body aura, interpret the colors of their aura and determine whether or not the chakras are balanced and in harmony with each other,” says Mr. West.

Mr. West and his wife, Margaret, have been believers in chakra interpretation for quite some time, and are frequent customers of “aura photography.” They have had their photos taken at fairs and other venues, and realized that the description of the colors in their auras was amazingly accurate. After a friend showed them a brochure introducing a new way of doing aura and chakra photography, they decided to venture out on their own, forming True Essence Aura & Chakra Photography. For the past eight years, Mr. and Mrs. West have been assisting clients improve their lives and states of mind by reading auras and providing healing through chakra spots on the body. They constantly attend wellness seminars and participate in shows to keep their own minds fresh.

Over the years, Mr. West has certainly discovered those who do not believe that this type of alternative medicine works or who even acknowledge its existence. However, his main piece of advice is to not shoot it down. “Being open and listening are the ways to find out about yourself,” he explains. As the years progress, he plans to expand his business. Continue reading