Carla L. Hill


Teaching Associate
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Industry: Education
Field: Statistics and Information Technology Instruction

An educator for more than three decades, Carla L. Hill is a strong advocate for implementing information technology in student curriculum. For the past seven years, she has served as a teaching associate for Marist College, located in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where she utilizes and implements technology as a methodology of enhanced value for the development of educational tools for students. She applies her expertise in statistics when creating curriculum for students in statistical mathematical courses.

Ms. Hill earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Lenoir-Rhyne University and a Master of Arts in Computer Science from Union College. Always searching for more to learn, she is now pursuing a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, with a concentration in educational technology, from the University of Phoenix. As a teaching associate, she also conducts evaluations in all phases of usage of information technology in concurrent implementation for overall evaluation of quality assurance standards for meeting criteria. She plans to teach a new liberal arts course in the future.

To keep updated in the field of education, Ms. Hill maintains affiliation with the Mathematical Association of America and the International Society for Technical Education. She has also done public speaking related to education. To recognize her dedication, she was given a special services award for working with students with learning disabilities in 2005, 2008 and 2010. She supports Girl Scouts of the USA and the American Red Cross, and volunteers with her church, St. John’s Lutheran Church. She attributes her success to her open-mindedness and love for working with young people. She is certified in CPR and first aid and enjoys teaching these classes in her free time, in addition to spending time with her three grandchildren (to date): Alexia, Charlie and Becca.

Conversation with Carla L. Hill

Worldwide Publishing: On what topics do you consider yourself to be an expert?

Carla L. Hill: Statistics.

What motivates you?

The look on a student’s face when they finally understand the material.

What lessons have you learned as a professional in your field?

I have learned to be flexible and open to trying to new things.

What short-term and long-term career goals are you currently pursuing?

My short-term goal is to finish my doctorate degree.

What is the most significant issue facing your profession today?

Having technology readily available and learning how to incorporate it into teaching.

Did you ever consider pursuing a different career path or another profession?

I started out in nursing and the department chair and I clashed so it didn’t work out. I always had mathematics as a background, not necessarily in teaching, but I thought I would go into education. After I received my math degree, I initially taught high school for one year and then I started teaching at the community college a couple of years later.

What is the most difficult obstacle or challenge you have faced in pursuit of your goals?

When I was getting my master’s degree, I had a baby and I had to make arrangements for his care during that time, which was an obstacle.

What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your profession?

The interaction with colleagues and students and having my students come back and tell me how much they got out of my class and what it meant to them.

What is your favorite or least favorite work-related task to do and why?

My least favorite part is grading papers. I love teaching, but I hate grading. My favorite part is working with the students.

What advice can you offer fellow members or others aspiring to work in your industry?

Don’t do it unless you feel passionate about it. You need to be willing to change as opportunities change. Be flexible, try new approaches, and be willing to learn. Take advantage of all the learning opportunities that are offered.

Who have been your mentors or people who have greatly influenced you?

Some of my high school teachers, Sister Lorettine and Sister Stanislaus. Their enthusiasm for teaching and willingness to work hand-in-hand with the students greatly influenced me.

What changes have you observed in your industry/field since you started?

The technology.

How do you see these changes affecting the future of your industry?

We need to find ways to incorporate technology into teaching.

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