Lorena E. Beeman, BSN, RN, MS, CCVT


Beeman, Lorena 87621

Director, Cardiopulmonary Critical Care and Simulation Educator
The University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Center
Albuquerque, NM United States
Industry: Health Care
Field: Cardiopulmonary Critical Care and Simulation Education

After more than 20 years in her position as a cardiopulmonary critical care and simulation educator with the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Lorena Beeman still looks forward to the details of each day. Whether they involve teaching a new group of nurses, reviewing articles for statistical and referential accuracy, or presenting at a university or professional organization, Ms. Beeman keeps a specific area of her expertise in mind. “I really can take something complex and make it simple,” she says. Much of this is credited to her specialization in educational simulations, the techniques of which she began mastering early in her career and now incorporates into her curriculum and presentations.

Ms. Beeman began working as a nurse in 1982, building the foundation of her career that would span more than three decades and numerous significant changes in health care. She continues to keep these new developments at the forefront of her efforts, in order to ensure that nurses and other medical professionals have access to the knowledge they need. As such, Ms. Beeman enjoys the research aspects of her position, and the constant challenges that nursing and education bring to her career. She also finds fulfillment in seeing the theories and techniques she has taught her students being utilized to improve patient care.

Ms. Beeman’s efforts in health care have been recognized by several respected publications and organizations, including a local chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, from which she received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, she has contributed several chapters on simulation in relation to nursing in texts by Richard Kyle Jr. and Bosseau Murray, MD. In the coming years, Ms. Beeman looks forward to continuing her work with organizations and publications like these, as well as continuing to research new health care topics on which to focus new consultations and presentations. Continue reading