Kevin S. Carr


Carr, KevinRichmond, VA, United States
Industry: Manufacturing
Field: Industrial Mechanics

Starting his career in 1977 as a mechanic’s helper, Kevin S. Carr has worked his way through the industrial trade industry. He has always loved mechanics and through the help of a friend, he was brought into the field of automation. He has also briefly worked for himself. He currently works for a manufacturing company that provides cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. He enjoys the challenge of working with equipment and machines that require a high amount of detail and finesse. Serving as an industrial mechanic, Mr. Carr is always looking at a problem in order to find the solution.

Mr. Carr has studied mechanical engineering at the Richmond Technical Center and has received Reliability Green Belt Training at Honeywell International Inc. Certified in Roto line and Opti line laser alignment, he has also completed reliability maintenance training. As an industrial mechanic with his current company, he handles production support, and works with machines that package cigarettes, analyzing and correcting any machine issues. He is also entrusted with handling the maintenance of the equipment.

Mr. Carr currently has two patents pending: one for a steerable trailer and the other for a stop stick that will work behind a moving cruiser. He attributes his success to his parents’ support, and those he has worked with, who have recognized and made use of his abilities. Looking ahead, he intends to continue working and advancing in the industry. He would also like to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors and work on his own designs. Continue reading