Barbara McKinnon, Pharm.D.


Director of Business Development
Med Communications, Inc.
Industry: Health Care
Field: Medical Communications and Business Development

Everything Barbara McKinnon does is for her patients. The director of business development at Med Communications, Inc., she holds expertise in strategic planning and program development, skills she uses when working with clients to tailor programs specific to their needs. “We don’t feel like we need to do anything in a cookie cutter way,” she says of her company’s efforts to constantly innovate. “We try to customize our services around that specific client and what they need.” Developing programs in order to ultimately help patients find the information they need makes everything she does worthwhile.

Dr. McKinnon has spent the last 15 years as a clinician, both in home care and home-infusion therapy. A board-certified nutrition support pharmacist, she is charged with several responsibilities at Med Communications, such as implementing service programs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and handling medical information and medical writing for call centers. Additionally, she manages strategies for new service programs, contracts new business, and drafts letters on scientific materials. Before becoming a member of Med Communications, she served as a writer for Infusion Magazine, published by the National Home Infusion Association. She was also a product line director for Accredo Health Group, Inc., from which she received the Pharmacy Award in 2005.

Dr. McKinnon enjoys that she is able to explore new roads as a health care worker and continually reinvent herself. “Everything I have done, I have pulled from my past experiences and used to do something new,” she explains. She graduated with both a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Tennessee. She is a member of the Tennessee Pharmacist Association and has been a member of the Drug Information Association since 2009. She attributes her success to her education and great mentors, who helped her to reach her current level of expertise. Dr. McKinnon hopes to experience continued growth as the years progress. Continue reading