Barbara J. Justice, MD, ABPN, ABFP


Justice, Barbara 1422503Forensic Psychiatrist
Barbara J. Justice, MD
Industry: Health Care
Field: General Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Psychodynamic Psychiatry, and Psychopharmacology

Many of us ponder the age old question: “why am I here?” For some, the answer to this question is not often easy to come by; however, Dr. Barbara J. Justice found focus in life quite early. Maintaining a steadfast belief that she would utilize her talents to benefit others, Dr. Justice finds validation in her involvement in the mental health care field — an avenue that allows her to make a notable difference in the lives of others. For the past 34 years, Dr. Justice has drawn on her expertise of general, forensic and psychodynamic psychiatry, and psychopharmacology. She is currently an acting psychiatrist in the forensics department of Barbara J. Justice, MD. At the private medical practice, she provides psychopharmacology for adults, children and adolescents, and assesses and treats patients. She also handles workers’ compensation and civil cases, and counsels defendants who plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

The field of health care is broad and constantly changing. The most relevant knowledge Dr. Justice has gained over the years is that no one is perfect — even doctors. “I know where my strengths are,” she says. “When I don’t know, I call upon a colleague.” Comfortable with the fact that she is not, by any means, all knowing, Dr. Justice makes it a point to learn as much as she possibly can about her field. She holds certifications from both the American Board of Forensic Psychiatry, and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. She notes that she initially began her journey into health care by earning a bachelor’s degree from The City University of New York and completing training in surgical oncology at the Howard University Cancer Center. In 1977, she earned her medical degree from the same prestigious and comprehensive research university. She continued her education by completing training in surgery and a fellowship in endoscopy at the Columbia University Medical Center, and broadened her knowledge of the health care field by studying forensic psychiatry and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Since her commencement from medical school, Dr. Justice has enjoyed a fruitful 34-year career, which she attributes to her faith and effort to constantly improve.

Dr. Justice considers herself blessed with intellectual and personal attributes that are best used in the healing art of helping others. Backed by an extensive education, she feels her desire to assist those in need grows stronger with every passing year. In addition to maintaining her various skills, she updates herself on the field through her affiliations with the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, The National Medical Association, the American Board of Forensic Psychiatry, and the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. Continue reading

Susan G. Trevithick, RN, MS, NE-BC


Trevithick, Susan 256645Chief Compliance Officer
George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Industry: Health Care
Field: Nursing and Administrative Compliance

Susan G. Trevithick’s rule of thumb is simple and straightforward, “Come to work and do your job.” This philosophy couldn’t be more important for one employed by the George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center for more than 23 years, which provides treatment for U.S. veterans. Ms. Trevithick has served as the chief compliance officer, managing staff and various departments, overseeing the critical care and specialty care units, and implementing various successful programs. Specifically, she developed an integrated health care program in collaboration with a colleague, which has become increasingly sought after by veterans and organizations funding veteran care. “It’s very effective in managing patients with PTSD and other things such as stress and anxiety that can impact mental health,” she explains.

With over 41 years of experience in both nursing and administration, it is hard to believe that health care was not Ms. Trevithick’s first career choice. In fact, all throughout high school, her goal was to become an interior designer. However, she was deterred from her former ambitions when her father was involved in a car accident that nearly killed him. After his car was broadsided by a drunk driver, a nurse who saw the crash rushed to take action that saved her father’s life. It was this experience that made Ms. Trevithick think twice about her chosen career path. She ultimately earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah College of Nursing in 1971, followed by a Master of Science in Cardiovascular Nursing 10 years later from the same institution.

Ms. Trevithick is a member of the Health Care Compliance Association and is certified in health care compliance. A former chairwoman of Cornerstone Counseling Services and the American Heart Association, Ms. Trevithick also served on the board of directors with the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, maintaining CCRN certification from 1981 to 1991. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International and the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing. She has held first line, middle management and program responsibilities in health care, and maintains certification as an NE-BC. She has written extensively on the topics of health care management, critical care nursing, and integrative health care, and is a sought-after motivational speaker for health care providers.

Ms. Trevithick attributes her success to her parents, competitive siblings, collaborative colleagues, lifelong learning and education, work ethic, and sense of humor. As the years progress, she intends to continue working in medical hypnosis for patients suffering from pain, stress and anxiety. Continue reading

Nancy Carlisle Schumacher



Schumacher, Nancy 446397Author, Artist, Beauty Consultant
Carlisle’s Classics
New Haven, CT, USA
Industry: Health Care
Field: Neurological Disorders and Epilepsy Advocacy


As the command center of the body, a person’s brain enables them to function on even the most basic level. So when a disorder, such as epilepsy, affects that organ, a person’s life can change forever. Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes a person to have repeated seizures over time. Although symptoms vary from person to person, these episodes of disturbed brain activity can hold a person back, if they let them. As an individual who has lived with this disorder her entire life, Nancy Carlisle Schumacher has strived to overcome both the disorder and the stigma attached to it over the past 50 years.

Ms. Schumacher was diagnosed with epilepsy in 1940 and based on her experience, has become a mentor to those who encounter the same struggles she did. She has written and published five books on neurological disorders, including “Unraveling the Spider’s Net: A Family’s Struggle with Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, and Depression,” “Epilepsy: A Personal Approach,” and “The Swallow’s Flight: Tales of Persons with Misunderstood Neurological Disorders.” She has also presented 24 medical papers in Europe and China since 1985. Ms. Schumacher earned a master’s degree in psychology in 2009 from the University of Phoenix and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology, with a concentration in health and wellness, from the University of the Rockies. An advocate for social change, she plans to focus her doctoral thesis on uncovering hidden disorders through social change.

A Texas native, Ms. Schumacher lived in many different parts of the United States while her husband served in the Navy, including Hawaii, California, Minnesota, and Connecticut. While spreading awareness of epilepsy and how to deal with it has been her main focus throughout her life, she has also served as an assistant art teacher, art teacher, and accountant. Prior to earning a master’s in psychology, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Texas Woman’s University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Connecticut State University. She currently uses her talents as an artist and author to benefit her business, Carlisle’s Classics, and spends her free time selling Mary Kay products. In the future, she plans to continue to write. Continue reading

Brian D. Meagher, MD


Meagher, Brian 1263901Diagnostic Radiologist
Jamestown Radiologists PC
Industry: Health Care
Field: Diagnostic Radiology

A respected specialist in mammography and general radiology, Dr. Brian D. Meagher has made it his life’s work to detect problems that lie just underneath the surface. As a diagnostic radiologist for Jamestown Radiologists PC, he conducts diagnostic readings of mammographies, X-rays, CAT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs, positron emission tomography, and other nuclear medicine techniques. Dr. Meagher thrives at the challenge of thwarting illness in the early stages by diagnosing symptoms that may elude others. “The most rewarding aspect of my career,” he says, “[is when I] interpret a study and see something that’s relatively subtle, but turns out to make a big difference in patient management.”

Dr. Meagher complements his precise, meticulous work as a radiologist with the easy affability of a general practitioner. Though he has focused his talents on radiology these last 20 years, he considers his first seven years in family medicine to have been invaluable. After all, his exposure to a diversity of patients has enabled him to hone the people skills that distinguish his practice today. He adds, “A sense of humor goes a long way in dealing with sick people. This also applies to interacting with staff, not just patients.”

Esteemed by his peers, Dr. Meagher has earned affiliation with the Medical Society of the State of New York, the American College of Radiology, the American Medical Association, the American Roentgen Ray Society, and the Radiological Society of North America. He previously served as president of the Chautauqua Medical Society and considers this appointment to be among the highlights of his career. He obtained an MD in 1982 from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Arts in Neurobiology and Behavior in 1978 from Cornell University. His residency in radiology was completed at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Always on the lookout for the next challenge, Dr. Meagher plans to continue his education and expand his understanding of health care reforms. Continue reading

Barbara McKinnon, Pharm.D.


Director of Business Development
Med Communications, Inc.
Industry: Health Care
Field: Medical Communications and Business Development

Everything Barbara McKinnon does is for her patients. The director of business development at Med Communications, Inc., she holds expertise in strategic planning and program development, skills she uses when working with clients to tailor programs specific to their needs. “We don’t feel like we need to do anything in a cookie cutter way,” she says of her company’s efforts to constantly innovate. “We try to customize our services around that specific client and what they need.” Developing programs in order to ultimately help patients find the information they need makes everything she does worthwhile.

Dr. McKinnon has spent the last 15 years as a clinician, both in home care and home-infusion therapy. A board-certified nutrition support pharmacist, she is charged with several responsibilities at Med Communications, such as implementing service programs for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and handling medical information and medical writing for call centers. Additionally, she manages strategies for new service programs, contracts new business, and drafts letters on scientific materials. Before becoming a member of Med Communications, she served as a writer for Infusion Magazine, published by the National Home Infusion Association. She was also a product line director for Accredo Health Group, Inc., from which she received the Pharmacy Award in 2005.

Dr. McKinnon enjoys that she is able to explore new roads as a health care worker and continually reinvent herself. “Everything I have done, I have pulled from my past experiences and used to do something new,” she explains. She graduated with both a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy from The University of Tennessee. She is a member of the Tennessee Pharmacist Association and has been a member of the Drug Information Association since 2009. She attributes her success to her education and great mentors, who helped her to reach her current level of expertise. Dr. McKinnon hopes to experience continued growth as the years progress. Continue reading

Sheldon Braaten, Ph.D.


Braaten, Sheldon 103755Executive Director
Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents
Rooseville, MN, USA
Industry: Health Care
Field: Juvenile Mental Health

From middle school on, Dr. Sheldon Braaten knew that his career would entail working with children — and he has spent the last three decades doing just that. He first gained experience working as a therapist in a mental health center in South Dakota. Dr. Braaten then served the Minneapolis Public Schools as a special education teacher from 1970 to1993, and followed this with an 18-year stint as the administrator of a special school for adolescents. “I have been working with challenging kids all of my life,” he states. Now holding the position of executive director of the Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents (BICA), an institute that provides services for children with emotional and behavioral challenges, he uses his expertise in treating emotional and behavioral disorders to design and evaluate behavioral programs.

With a steadfast goal to help children, Dr. Braaten graduated from Augustana College with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and went on to earn a master’s degree in special education and a Ph.D. in Special Education and Educational Administration from the University of Minnesota. He is the co-founder of the Minnesota Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders and served as the Meeks Distinguished Professor of Special Education at Ball State University from 1997 to 2006. He continues to offer his services to BSU and St. Cloud State University as an adjunct professor. Dr. Braaten is also a member of several professional affiliations so he can keep himself fresh on the field, including the Council for Exceptional Children, the Correctional Education Association, the Association for Behavior Analysis International, and the Council for Children with Behavior Disorders.

Dr. Braaten’s motivation for the past three decades has been to improve the lives of children. The biggest lesson he has learned throughout his time working with children is that one cannot do it alone. “It’s important to develop relationships with peers in your field and maintain them,” he says. “I believe that’s the secret to a long career.” Continue reading