Patricia L. Highcove, MS, CRC, CVE, CCM


Highcove, Patricia

Vocational Consultant
Highcove Consulting
Baltimore, MD, USA
Industry: Social Services
Field: Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Patricia L. Highcove is a vocational consultant with 26 years of experience in the field. Her firm, Highcove Consulting, provides vocational rehabilitation services, including resources, to disabled workers. Ms. Highcove, an independent consultant, ensures that individuals with disabilities, either from work-related injuries or a long-term impairment, return to work by providing them with appropriate counseling services. In addition, vocational expert services are provided for labor market information. She is charged with assessing her clients’ abilities and training them when necessary, such as when a job requires that they possess a skill set they didn’t previously have.

Early in her career, Ms. Highcove gained preliminary experience working with developmentally-disabled children. This motivated her to uncover different ways to help them become skilled workers. Throughout her career, she has learned to work in tandem with larger vocational rehabilitation companies while remaining an independent business entity. While many companies have latched onto or been absorbed by large insurance corporations (possibly compromising their ethical integrity), Ms. Highcove remains a step above the rest. “I’m independent and able to see the injured worker or disabled person as my client,” she says.

Ms. Highcove attributes her success to her passion for her profession. She continues to strive in the demanding field of return-to-work planning, helping her clients through the very difficult economic recession of 2009 – a time she feels has been very taxing on her business, which has been in existence for 13 years. She has to find different, creative ways to place them; she also has to be a lot more diligent and push people a lot harder to do different things. But at the end of the day, Ms. Highcove refuses to back down on seeing her clients succeed.

Ms. Highcove received a Master of Science in rehabilitation counseling in 1982 and a Bachelor of Science in rehabilitation services in 1981 from Syracuse University. She has been a certified case manager since 1990, a certified rehabilitation counselor since 1987 and a certified vocational evaluator since1983. She is a member of the Chesapeake Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.

In her spare time, Ms. Highcove enjoys spending time with her children, reading, traveling and listening to music. Continue reading

Patrick Edmund Matoole, MD


Matoole, Patrick

Physician, Neurologist
JWM Neurology, P.C.
Indianapolis, IN, USA
Industry: Health Care
Field: Neurology

A member of the American Academy of Neurology, Dr. Patrick Edmund Matoole is among the more than 24,000 physicians who share in the prestigious organization’s mission to “promote the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care.” His interest in the field was piqued while he was in medical school, when most students are sorting out where they belong in medicine. As he comes from a line of physicians who were also involved in neurology, the choice seemed natural. Thus, in 1996, Dr. Matoole earned a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Nebraska, and four years later completed a residency in neurology at Creighton University. He now celebrates his 10th year as a physician and neurologist for JWM Neurology, P.C., where he oversees hospital coverage for patients, treats individuals with neurological disorders, and coordinates with the patient care committee.

The field of neurology is vast, as it is the component of medicine that deals with the anatomy, functions, and disorders of nerves and the nervous system. Within this broad field, Dr. Matoole possesses a depth of knowledge in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, stroke, and head injuries. In 2001, he completed a fellowship in electroencephalography and electromyography from the Indiana University School of Medicine. An electroencephalogram, also referred to as EEG, is a test that measures brain electrical activity, mostly used to obtain information that is key to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with epilepsy.

Having entered into the medical profession through the inspiration of his father, a physician, Dr. Matoole ensures that his knowledge remains current by holding memberships to several organizations, including the Indianapolis Medical Society, the Indiana State Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and AANEM. He hopes to be remembered by his peers as someone who is knowledgeable and compassionate. Crediting his successful career to his hard work and dedication, he aspires in the future to expand his current practice. When he is not busy researching new advancements in his field, he enjoys walking, swimming, and traveling. Continue reading

Stuart McHugh, Ph.D.


McHugh, Stuart

Materials Engineer
Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technology Center
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Industry: Sciences
Field: Materials Science

An interest in geology and geophysics led Dr. Stuart McHugh to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics, which he earned in 1971 through the University of Nevada, Reno. He subsequently earned a second Bachelor of Science, in Geological Engineering (1972), a Master of Science in Geophysics (1974), a Master of Science in Science Materials (1976), and finally a Ph.D. through Stanford University (1977). With an extensive educational background and nearly four decades of experience, Dr. McHugh currently serves as a materials engineer for Department A044S of the Advanced Technology Center for Lockheed Martin.

Having garnered expertise in materials science, solid state physics, research and hardware design examination, Dr. McHugh is well-equipped to conduct stress and fracture analyses of aerospace structures and materials, and perform computational analyses, items with which he is tasked as a materials engineer. Additionally, he has published more than 100 scientific papers, including “Dislocation Modeling of Creep-Related Tilt Changes,” which was featured in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, and “Thermomechanical Characterization of a Membrane Deformable Mirror,” included in Applied Optics, a journal produced by The Optical Society.

Dr. McHugh is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Geophysical Union. He is also a senior member of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In 2012, he received a special recognition award from the Advanced Technology Center of Lockheed Martin for his participation with the ATC Graphene Molecular Filtration Team.

When he is not working, Dr. McHugh enjoys scuba diving, traveling, and studying languages and linguistics. He is also an avid reader of Science Magazine, Fortune, and Bloomberg Businessweek. Continue reading

Rob Moir, Ph.D.


Moir, RobDirector
Ocean River Institute
Cambridge, MA, USA
Industry: Nonprofit
Field: Environmental Conservation

“To save oceans and all the species of inhabitants that dwell within, we must be more thoughtful of the connections between land and sea, take an ecosystem-based management approach, and become more responsible in how we interact with the sea,” states Rob Moir, director of Ocean River Institute. “Savvy to the troubles oceans are in, we must practice better ocean stewardship for the greater good of all.” This is a belief that Dr. Moir holds close in the management of his nonprofit organization, which focuses on helping individuals and groups to make a difference where they live and work through environmental stewardship and science. Over the past four decades, Dr. Moir has honed his expertise in the areas of conservation, environmental organization management and environmental studies. His oversight of Ocean River Institute includes coordinating with local groups, maintaining a strong network of partners, and leading environment-related initiatives. One of the organization’s recent successes involved stopping nitrogen pollution and saving dolphins in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.

“For me, there has always been life in oceans,” Dr. Moir explains of his motivation in establishing the Ocean River Institute. He was also strongly influenced by his father, who first sparked his love for the water, as well as by the Moir family motto: “Not for self, but for all.” “Consistent with family tradition, it is most rewarding for me to work with others to save wildlife, watersheds, rivers and oceans,” he states. To prepare himself for such work, Dr. Moir earned an extensive academic foundation. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies and a Master of Science in Teaching, both from Antioch University New England, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science from Hampshire College. Additionally, he holds a certification in ecology from The Marine Biological Laboratory.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Moir has proven himself an educator, scientist and activist with a background in institutional management and marine policy success. He has also held leadership positions in a number of advocacy organizations and museums. Dr. Moir currently serves on the Partnership of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park Area, representing the BID Advisory Council. Looking toward the future, he intends to continue providing efficient leadership for the Ocean River Institute in its mission to support a greener and bluer planet Earth. “Our long term goal,” he shares, “is to fill the void between ocean management extremes.” Continue reading

Sue J. Clark


Clark, SueWriter, Editor, Ghostwriter, Poet, Memoirist, Writing Instructor, Tutor, Agent, Consultant, Book Doctor
SJ Clark Literary Specialties, LLC
Lincoln, CA, USA
Industry: Media and Entertainment
Field: Ghostwriting and Writing Instruction

Literary agent Sue J. Clark is wholly immersed in the field of writing, editing and publishing. She not only edits client books and pitches authors to publishers; she also teaches the fundamentals of writing and publishing poetry, fiction and non-fiction to a stable of eager learners. Noting the obstacles writers face in promoting their work, Ms. Clark co-founded ShortReads Press, an organization that compiles, prints and circulates poetry, short fiction, personal essays and articles written by Northern Californians.

Ms. Clark draws upon a wealth of experience for creative inspiration in her own writings. “I owned a historic hotel and a travel agency,” she says. “I also co-owned two tourist trade newspapers and served as a poetry instructor at adult education schools and community facilities.” She has written a monthly travel column for the Lincoln News Messenger since 2005 and ghost-wrote “Is Anybody Listening: The True Story About the POW/MIAs in the Vietnam War,” published in 2005.

Ms. Clark received her bachelor of arts in speech communication in 1952 from the University of Washington and her Associate of Arts in 1949 from Stephens College.

Additionally, she has taken coursework in speech communication from Northwestern University. She is the recipient of the American Biographical Institute’s 2006 Woman of the Year award and the recipient of Highest Honor from the Military Writers Society of America. Ms. Clark is the president of the Lincoln Poetry Club. From 1991 to 1993, she served as the president of Lions Clubs International in San Francisco. From 1975 to 1977, she served on the National Society of Fundraising Executives Board of Directors. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Presently, Ms. Clark is ghost-writing a book about World War II and train hospitality management students. She also hosts the monthly Lincoln Poetry Club open-mic event at Twelve Bridges Library. Continue reading

Maria J.R. Struik


Struik, Maria

President, Chief Executive Officer
Roosters Diner
Bruce Mines, Canada
Industry: Leisure
Field: Hospitality Services

When Maria J.R. Struik met her husband, John, he was the area franchisee for Dixie Lee Food Systems. They were very successful and opened many outlets throughout Northern Ontario. In January 2006, corporate ownership changed, and in June 2006, she and John became entangled in a legal battle with the new corporate owner. In May 2008, John became suddenly ill and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer; he passed in June 2008. Mrs. Struik had always been involved in the business, but more in a supporting role. After John’s sudden death, she honored his previous agreement with Dixie Lee and finished the legal battle in September 2011. She then started her own business in the hospitality industry, building it based upon the principles in which she and her late husband believed so strongly.

“Love what you do so you don’t work a day in your life,” says Mrs. Struik. She now serves as the president and chief executive officer of Roosters Diner, a restaurant that is known for its simple, good food, and great hospitality. She enjoys helping people reach their greatest potential and seeing them succeed. She loves her job and aims to attract people with the same business philosophy. Mrs. Struik has been a three-time finalist for North American Marketing’s Marketer of the Year award, and she received the Celebrity Press Editor’s Choice Award in 2012. She has four bestseller slots on for the book that she contributed to, titled “Women Who Mean Business.”

Mrs. Struik is an honorary member of America’s Premier Expert and holds a bachelor’s degree equivalent in business, which she earned in the Netherlands. She attributes her success to her faith and hard work, and looking ahead, she hopes to have the company built up to many more units, and wants to have a restaurant in Bruce Mines, Canada. Continue reading

Elsa Gomez, MS


Gomez, ElsaDirector of Quality Assurance for Research and Development (Retired)
Actavis Inc.
Quality Assurance Department
Corona, CA, USA
Industry: Sciences
Field: Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Elsa Gomez, director of quality assurance for research and development within the Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Quality Assurance Department, began her career as an auditor of companies that provide pharmaceutical products to the United States Department of Defense. By being involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and all of the associated quality control systems, she gained the necessary experience to fulfill her present-day role. Since her employment with Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. fourteen years ago, she has helped to grow the quality company – which produces generic pharmaceuticals and specializes in pain relief medications and oral contraceptives – from 80 employees to more than 1200.

As a quality assurance professional for one of today’s leaders in the generic pharmaceutical industry, Ms. Gomez stands by her word by providing affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical products that will enable people to effectively manage their health conditions. She asserts that doing her job effectively requires that she listen to others’ points of view in an objective and open manner. “I don’t micromanage,” she elaborates. “I give them the assignment and leave myself open to their questions.” She oversees the quality assurance oversight of the research and development activities of the company’s pharmacists and chemists while ensuring the use of proper manufacturing practices in the internal research and development department according to regulatory agency guidelines. “I ensure that the appropriate quality systems are in place and that any information and documentation submitted to regulatory agencies meets current requirements,” she states. In addition, Ms. Gomez assists managers and employees in the research, development and quality assurance departments, and prepares for regulatory agency inspections as needed.

Ms. Gomez received a Master of Science in chemistry in 1972 and a Bachelor of Science in chemistry in 1967 from the University of Puerto Rico. She is a member of the American Society for Quality and the American Chemical Society.

In her spare time, Ms. Gomez enjoys reading history books, traveling and studying archeology. She reads Pharmaceutical Technology, Chemical & Engineering News and Quality Digest. Continue reading

Ann Patterson, CPA, CGA


Patterson, AnnCertified General Accountant
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Industry: Finance
Field: Accounting Services

Some are born with the ability to solve accounting ratios in their head without even blinking, while others who are given an equation simply hand it right back with a puzzled look on their face. Working with numbers is not for everyone. However, for Ann Patterson, it is her knack for numbers that has provided her with a career for the past three decades. When she first began searching for which field she would pursue a profession in, accounting jumped to the forefront as her father was already a successful chartered accountant. Although most career women were expected to fill the shoes of nurses and teachers, Ms. Patterson held no interest in those fields. She was a numbers girl and always would be.

In 1979, Ms. Patterson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Commerce and Economics from the University of Toronto Scarborough, graduating with honors. She now serves as a certified general accountant, and names the highlight of her career to be receiving an accounting designation. Working for an accounting company, Ms. Patterson has gained knowledge in examining financial records and transactions. She is charged with the oversight of financial reporting mechanisms, policies and processes, in addition to the planning, setup and administration of accounting systems. She is highly skilled in developing and maintaining cost findings, reporting on internal control procedures and analyzing financial documents and reports. She ensures accuracy and compliance to accounting standards, procedures and internal control, and sees to it that employees adhere to industry standards, corporate rules and regulatory requirements.

Ms. Patterson is a member of the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs, Canadian Federation of University Women and Financial Executives International Canada. Ms. Patterson also serves on the board of directors for the Times Change Women’s Employment Service, a nonprofit community agency that has been helping women reach their employment goals since 1974. Continue reading

Donna R. Hendershot, RCS, RDCS, NR-CMA, AA


Hendershot, DonnaCardiac Echo Supervisor
Donna Hendershot Consulting
Billings, MO, USA
Industry: Health Care
Field: Cardiology Consulting

Donna R. Hendershot is the perfect combination of creative, driven and willing, and she has a very enlightening sense of humor. While some health care professionals enter the field solely because they want to make high incomes, Ms. Hendershot feels differently. With a deep knowledge of the importance of nurses, physicians and other health care professionals in helping people, she has genuine desire to treat patients and educate members of the field, as assisting others has always been rewarding for her. “We, as health care professionals, are crucially needed,” Ms. Hendershot says. “It’s a very rewarding field to be in.”

In order to build the foundation of her successful career, Ms. Hendershot earned an Associate of Arts from Chabot College in 1990 and a medical assistant degree from Everest College, which was then called Bryman College. Impressively, Ms. Hendershot is a registered cardiovascular sonographer, a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer, a national registered certified medical assistant and a certified cardiovascular technologist. She was formerly employed at a hospital. Despite the unfortunate event that her position was eliminated, Ms. Hendershot continues to consult in the area of cardiac echo services, cardiac care, cardiac education and cardiac diagnostics. She is excited to obtain a new position because she is looking forward to extending her knowledge to others. “While I’m unemployed, the country is missing out,” Ms. Hendershot says. “I want to share all of this knowledge that I have with others.”

An active member within her industry, Ms. Hendershot is a member of the Cardiovascular Credentialing International, American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Inc., and American Society of Echocardiography. She also maintains affiliations with the Western Society of Electroencephalography, Bay Area Society of Echocardiography and Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. She also actively volunteers with the Lupus Foundation of America, Disabled American Veterans and Davis Street Family Resource Center. With a sincere aspiration to give back to the community and help those in need, Ms. Hendershot is also looking to become more involved with organizations dedicated to animal welfare, helping the homeless and preventing domestic violence.

Looking ahead, Ms. Hendershot intends to find a role through which she can continue to directly work with patients and help them, as working with patients has always been very gratifying for her. “I just feel like I’m not complete right now because I’m not working with the patients,” Ms. Hendershot says. Continue reading